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These are "punch cards" that we offer for our loyal clients.  Now available online.  Provide proof-of-purchase at your first appointment and you will receive your card.  Provide the card at each following appointment.

The "Buy 4, Get 5th half off" is a pay-as-you go plan.  Provide payment and card at each service and reap the benefits on the 5th appoinment. 

The "Series of 6" you purchase up-front to receive 15% off total sale.  Provide card at each appointment.  This card must be used with-in 12 months of purchase date.

"Series of 6"
This is for the committed massage client. Purchase 6 massages of your choice and receive 15 % OFF!!
Buy 4, get 5th HALF OFF!
Everyone loves a good deal! This is a way to be rewarded for your loyalty. Purchase 4 massages, get the 5th one half OFF!!!


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