Jennifer Ingram / Owner

Hello world! My name is Jennifer Ingram.  I've been fortunate to call Blairsville home, for nearly 25 years. Growing up on the backs of horses and running through the mountains, was how I passed time in this majestic little town. After graduating, with the Class of 2000, I moved away for 5 years.  Upon returning, I completed the Massage Therapy Program, offered by North Georgia Technical College. Since, I have been practicing massage, loving every minute of it! Please, come in and checkout my new place.  We put a lot of time, effort, energy, and love into the place, while setting up.  All for you to enjoy! My vision was to create a simply elegant place, easily-accessible, that provided therapeutic massage. I have a unique approach to massage, providing a soothing touch, with great therapeutic advantages. I have training in a myriad of modalities that allows me to be creative while working with each individual. I look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones, as I embark on this new adventure! See you there!